In the past, The Topcats attempted to maintain the dual identity of a "cover band" and an "original band", but they found this to be quite difficult. In a party and dance atmosphere there is nothing that will clear a dance floor faster than an original song that has never been heard before. The band also discovered that in a concert situation, playing party music worked better for them than trying to cram unheard, original material down the audience's throat. So, after recording "Ten Times 'Round the Sun" the band stopped playing original music during Topcat performances, deciding it was more important to be received well and to make a living. However, the band has not lost the desire to produce their own music. Individual members of The Topcats have their own musical projects on the side, and The Topcats, as a group, are always working on new projects. Below are links to their recording projects to date. Check them out!!!!!